About Us

About Us

Scooter Us is a young and irreverent company, born of the passion for classic cars and motorbikes, mainly Italian style.

The brand selected for our vehicles gives us the guarantee of quality and safety with the iconic Italian style, are state-of-the-art motorcycles and at the same time maintain the Vintage style, perpetuating all the Glamor of the 1950s scooters.

We also made an effort to get the best location for our facilities. We found an ideal location in the center of Porto, less than 3 min. walk from the city’s main subway station (Trindade).

The decoration of our facilities accompanied this way of being and thinking, were decorated with 100% recycled material where concern for the environment has become an effective act.

We can say that we have achieved the desired objective, a place of relaxed style and truly Vintage.


Before the project there was a concept, which developed from our way of being .

Normally, there is a Project and then the Concept is worked. In our case, it was the other way around, we had and lived with passion of a Vintage concept, mixed with the music of the 80’s and with the iconic Route 66; established in 1926, which in the 1950s became the famous road of true adventurers.

Our Slogan – “Better than ride, it’s riding with style!” defines our concept, but if we also add the following:”Better than ride, it’s riding with style and if you go for a little longer, even better!” still better defines the way we are.

Future Projects

As they say, future projects from Gods they depend, but there are dreams…

In the near future we intend to maintain the same concept / essence, giving people the possibility to rent Classic Cars

As it is said, “If God wills, Man dreams, the Work is born.” At the moment our dream is to cement the business by providing people with moments of relaxation and happiness. If we achieve this, we will feel fulfilled.