In order to be able to rent a scooter, you must: be 18 years old with driving license for motorcycles, or have an age of 25 years or more with car’s driving license for more than 2 years (therefore, under the law No 78/2009, of 13 August, it is possible to drive any scooter up to 125cc (or 11kw of power), have an identification document (passport or citizen’s card) and credit card, on which we will block the value of € 400.

Having experience in driving motorcycles is highly recommended.

With this driving license you can not drive our Scooters.

With the driving license A, A1 and A2 you can drive all of our available scooters. 

The city of Porto is relatively safe and the bikes have safety mechanisms, such as the steering wheel lock. However, you should be careful where you leave the scooter.

All our scooters accommodate 2 people and the extra helmet is included in the rental price. 

The rental price includes liability insurance, one or two helmets and one or two parkas.

Civil liability insurance is compulsory for all vehicles in circulation in the Portuguese territory. Liability insurance covers damages that you cause to third parties, be they vehicles, objects or people. It does not cover the damage that the customer may suffer (injuries or medical expenses), nor the damage caused to the scooter. With this insurance you will be responsible for the entire commercial value of the scooter.

As the activity of Rent-a-car is increasingly regulated, we can not provide this type of service.

After rigorous inspection, any damages that the scooter may have are recorded or photographed in an attached document to the rental agreement. When you return the scooter, it will be inspected and if more obvious damage is detected, you will be responsible for the same damage.

We will be available 24 hours a day to assist you in case of loss, just call one of our telephone numbers. All our scooters have a bag with the required documents, which you should pay special attention (in case of an accident) the European accident declaration, which is required to be filled. Always be calm in case of an accident, be cordial and in case of injury, call 112. Never give yourself as guilty, this is extremely important for insurance purposes.

The only additional service is Via Verde, for the payment of € 1, plus tolls / Scuts. Services such as GPS are not part of our offerings, taking into account that they can divert the attention required to drive a motorcycle. Even so, you can always use your smartphone and access all sorts of navigation applications, of which we highlight MEO-Drive since it works offline.

During rental we will give you all the relevant information so that you can enjoy the city of Porto in the company of our scooter. Porto is a fantastic city, which will surely dazzle you throughout your stay. Nearby towns are also a point of interest. We will also provide you with a map of the city and all the indications you wish.

All of our scooters consume Gasoline S / C 95. Still, there will be a sticker next to the tankso there is no reason to for doubt. 

The rules of circulation in Portugal do not differ much from the rules that are practiced in the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, for this purpose, the possibility of using “BUS” routes in the city of Porto to drive motorcycles is highlighted. In short, be careful in your driving and respect the most basic rules of traffic.

Yes, as long as you contact the store and that order is authorized.

The only place where you can return the scooter is at our facilities!