Our Services


The main service we provide is Scooter Rental, where we want to make a difference in the sector by offering personalized treatment and also by the Vintage and relaxed style.
Our main objective is to provide people with moments of relaxation and happiness, if we achieve this, we will feel fulfilled.


We do not really consider Coffee Break a service because it will not be our specialty, what we want is for people to stop by our facilities and to take a break, have coffee, tea, read a magazine, know more about the city of Porto and its surroundings, in a pleasant atmosphere and with a very unique style.


The Drop Bags service came from the idea of making people’s lives easier, because in downtown Porto there are very few places to leave your bags for a few hours. This service will also be very useful for our clients, as they will not have to worry about luggage while they take a tour around the city of Porto and Surroundings.

We will practice Low Cost prices for this service. Usually we charge 1.5€ per day for this service.